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Date Title
2 Jul 2013 ANC Province Election Manual 2014
2 Jul 2013 Minute-taking: A short manual
2 Jul 2013 Chairperson
2 Jul 2013 Theory of Organisation
2 Jul 2013 ANC Branch Manual 2010
2 Jul 2013 Apply Party Principles in Practice
28 May 2013 Strengthening the organisational capacity of the SACP as a vanguard party of socialism
28 Oct 2012 Declaration of the National General Council of the South African Democratic Teachers Union
22 Oct 2012 SADTU’s positions on education matters
1 Oct 2012 North West Provincial General Council declarations held from the 28th to 30th of September 2012
19 Aug 2012 Northern Cape Provincial Declarations of the PGC held on 18th to 19th August 2012
27 Nov 2011 SADTU National General Council held from the 25th to 27th of November 2011
26 Sep 2011 SADTU`s Discussion Document in Response to ANA Report
26 Sep 2011 Training needs analysis instrument for professional development for South African Democratic Teachers` union membership
26 Sep 2011 The marginalisation of indigenous african languages on the education system: a critical reflection on how african learners are denied opportunities to succeed in life
26 Sep 2011 Strategic Document to Guide in the Process of the Design of SADTU’s Historical Research Archive
26 Sep 2011 A discussion document on the Importance of Promoting Cultural heritage in SADTU
21 Sep 2011 Declaration of the 5th Triennial Provincial Conference of the (SADTU) Gauteng Province
16 Sep 2011 Declaration of the 5th Triennial Provincial Conference of the (SADTU) Northern Cape Province
24 Aug 2011 Further Education and Training Colleges Amendment Bill, 2011