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Date Title
17 Oct 2018 25 Lessons Learnt on Education and Democracy
13 Nov 2017 Input: The Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill
7 Nov 2017 Declaration of the National General Council of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU)
17 Oct 2017 Department of Basic Education Memorandum of Demands
17 Oct 2017 Department of Higher Education and Training Memorandum of Demands
7 Oct 2017 In Pursuit Of A Decolonized Teacher: Agency And Boldness In Fostering Change
6 Oct 2017 Main findings for SADTU: Dr S Taylor
3 Oct 2017 PSCBC Letter-Rule Changes
3 Oct 2017 Draft Collective Agreement on Conversion of Educators on Contract into Employment on a Permanent Basis in Public Education
3 Oct 2017 Amendments to paragraph 8.5.3. of Chapter B and the Repeal of Paragraph 22 of chapter J of the Personnel Adminsitrative Measures
3 Oct 2017 Education Management Service (EMS): Performance Management And Development System (PMDS) For Office-Based Educators
3 Oct 2017 Draft Collective Agreements on Job Decriptions For Office Based Educators
3 Oct 2017 NGC Programme
3 Oct 2017 Basic Education, Higher Education & Training, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation
3 Oct 2017 Report on Education International Programme/ Activities in 2017
3 Oct 2017 Opening the doors of Learning and Culture, Towards a truly Quality Public Education System
3 Oct 2017 Collaborating towards teacher professionalisation
3 Oct 2017 Declaration of the 14th SACP Party Congress
3 Oct 2017 ELRC Collective Agreement X of 2017
3 Oct 2017 Education Management Service (EMS): Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) for Office-Based Educators