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16 Jul 2015 5.3 Advocacy for the introduction of a legal framework governing working conditions in the non-public education sector in Haiti and campaign for unionisation in this sector
16 Jul 2015 1.11 Trade union action to counteract neoliberal policies on education
16 Jul 2015 3.2 The rights of disabled children and teachers
16 Jul 2015 6.1 Preparing EI structures to meet future challenges
16 Jul 2015 1.12 Fighting austerity to defend rights, status, jobs and salaries
16 Jul 2015 3.3 Migration, professional diversity and racism
26 May 2015 Incheon Declaration -Education 2030: Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all
21 May 2015 Agreement on Salary Adjustments and Improvements on conditions of Service in the Public Service for the Period 2015/16-2017/18
25 Mar 2015 Draft agreement on the establishment of a Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS)
12 Dec 2014 Draft PSCBC Resolution
11 Nov 2014 SADTU 8th National Congress Resolutions
5 Oct 2014 Declaration of the 8th National Congress of the South African Democratic Teachers Union
1 Oct 2014 The Dialectics of Examination System in the Republic of South Africa
19 Sep 2014 Draft Report: Secretariat Report
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: Annual National Assessment (ANA): A SADTU perspective
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: Performance Management System, Performance Based Reward and the Professional Development of Teachers. Some Critical Implementation Challenges in Education.
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: Promoting Gender Equality in Higher Education and Research
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: Improving teaching and learning through the South African Annual National Assessment: Challenges, possibilities and solutions
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: Rethinking Rewards and Incentives for Rural Teachers
19 Sep 2014 Discussion Document: SADTU Policy Paper on Education