13 February 2013

SADTU would like the State President Jacob Zuma, in his state of the nation address tomorrow, to declare education a public good where government will do the following:

  • Ensure education funding is increased above 6% of the GDP;
  • Ensure that teaching learners under the trees or mud schools is unlawful;
  • Ensure that all temporary teachers in vacant substantive posts are reinstated;
  • Ensure that no primary school teacher teaches more than 40 learners in a class and no Secondary School teacher teaches more than 35 learners. Teaching classes above these figures should be declared unlawful;
  • Provide a deadline for the building of school infrastructure;
  • Instruct the Minister of Basic Education to withdraw the demeaning gazette on Norms and Standards;
  • Ensure that all teachers in Grade R are appointed in the formal education sector with full terms and conditions of  employment;
  • Ensure that teacher development is mandatory;
  • Ensure that all principals and deputies are trained in holistic school management;
  • Fire the Director General for Basic Education for failing the children of South Africa.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat