WCED study tour to Israel

23 December 2019

SADTU Western Cape became aware of the study tour to Israel during mid-December 2019, when a teacher complained that she had to choose between marking and embarking on the study tour to the holocaust center in Israel.

We were then appraised that History teachers had been invited by the Holocaust center in Cape Town to visit the Holocaust center in Israel. We are aware that many schools in Cape Town have visited the museum in the city and have not received reports that the curriculum is pro Zionist.

What has become unfortunate is that the picture on social media emerged of Senior Western Cape Education Department (WCED) officials posing with Israeli soldiers, who are renowned for “alleged” human rights violations  against the Palestinian people in particular children.

This is an insult to innocent children of Palestine, especially the girl child who is denied an education by human rights violators.

SADTU will engage the WCED on this matter because we are concerned about the content of this programme and whether it is an attempt to influence the teaching of History with a particular bias.

SADTU Western Cape will intensify its programme to conscientise teachers on the plight of our Education International (EI) members in countries where teacher and human rights are being violated.

SADTU supports study tours which bring a balanced view to current and historical discourse but want to caution the WCED that they have to be sure that they do not expose teachers to a propaganda approach to teaching in our classes.

For further information, please contact

Jonavon Rustin Provincial Secretary 0836335714
Sibongile Kwazi Deputy Provincial Secretary 0836278006