Please be aware of the distribution of cancellation forms by unscrupulous individuals misleading members to cancel their SADTU membership and joining a non – existent union.

Firstly members are warned not to be coerced to sign any cancellation forms resigning from SADTU because this will mean they will have no union to represent them. Secondly, no member of SADTU must contribute R300 or any amount demanded by these individuals because it is a scam to rob unsuspecting members their hard earned cash.

Members must report to the Branch Secretaries about such moneymaking scams.

SADTU members are urged to stand up and defend their Union and expose such scams as soon as such forms are delivered at their sites.


  • Do not accept any form of cancellation!
  • Do no pay any money to any individual!
  • Defend the Union now by refusing to be defrauded by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as revolutionaries!