The South African Democratic Nurses Union (SADNU) guided by the principle of “an injury to one, is an injury to all” wishes to join and support the current call by our reliable ally  SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers Union)  for the resignation of the Director General and Minister of Basic Education.

We believe that SADTU has made a genuine call which must be supported by all COSATU affiliates, the entire working class, and community in general. We reaffirm that if there is any blame to be laid, it should be laid at the doorstep of the Minister and the Director General. Since their ascendancy to power the quality of education continue to deteriorate. This is demonstrated through their arrogant behavior which seeks to undermine the call for PEOPLE’S EDUCATION FOR PEOPLE’S POWER.

The ongoing attack on collective bargaining as well as attempts to silence the voice of educators through a call to make education an essential service is counterproductive and seeks to undermine our struggle for better learning conditions. This is coupled with the ongoing fiasco in the education system, whereby we continue to move from one mess to another. The legacy of mud schools, poor working conditions for teachers, as well as the failure to deliver textbooks as we have witnessed with the Limpopo saga, demonstrated lack of leadership.

We therefore believe the only justice is for both the Minister and the Director General to resign to avoid deepening us further into crisis after crisis. This also renders the goal of millennium declaration on better education by 2015 a joke. We believe, in honour of the late SACP General Secretary, that the entire working class leadership must remember what he said: “I will work towards the election of the ANC government, but if it does not deliver, I will not hesitate to take the placard and toyi toyi against it”.

We reiterate that any efforts to keep the Minister and the Director General will not only be unjustifiable, but will set a precedence for other Departments to launch an offensive against collective bargaining and ultimately weaken union power.

We will therefore join SADTU in their demonstrations and marches countrywide and will mobilize our members to join the march in Pretoria on 24 April. We also call on all workers, the community and all progressive forces to join this march. We will further support SADTU in any legitimate form in defence of collective bargaining.