Statement of SADTU in KZN on State of Affairs at Marking Centres

9 January 2021

SADTU in KZN is worried by the state of affairs in some marking centres. Since markers reported for duty there are cases where the Union has intervened on, which include a large number of teachers who did not have accommodation. SADTU urges teachers to take the call seriously for them to indicate if they need the Department to organize accommodation for them. SADTU raises this issue because in many centres where there are challenges of accommodation like Glencoe, Siyamukela, Estcourt and others it's because it is alleged that teachers did not apply for accommodation. We are told that this has been happening for years but it had not been a problem before as there was always enough space to accommodate them. That is no longer the case as all centres must take 50% of their capacity.

Also we want to remind markers that their lives matter more than anything and as such we urge them to be extra cautious and ensure that they comply with the regulations. No one wants marking centres to be super spreaders of the virus. SADTU monitors have been visiting centres and in some centres compliance is highly compromised. Markers were found chatting in large groups. The Department had told us that there is a compliance officer in each centre and we call upon these officers to take full responsibility of compliance related matters in their centres. We wish our markers all the best as they execute such an important task as Grade 12 learners and their parents are waiting for the best.

Lastly, SADTU is saddened by the demise of one of the markers in Estcourt Marking Centre under Uthukela District. SADTU engaged the Department to ensure that markers who were sharing a room with the deceased marker are isolated and tested. The Department is advised to provide psychological support to other markers in the centre and conduct random testing for all markers.

Issued by the Secretariat

Nomarashiya Caluza
Provincial Secretary
082 611 7027

Bheki Shandu
Deputy Provincial Secretary
082 611 7028