Statement on Liberia

Education International is shocked and appalled by recent reports documenting horrific crimes perpetrated against children in Liberia, in the care of a charity operated school, More Than Me.

Crimes committed and, it appears,  ignored, itself constituting a crime, by those meant to be looking after and guaranteeing the well-being of children.

Governments compel children to attend school. That brings with it an obligation to ensure their safety. 

The horrific events exposed last week serve as a lesson about what can happen when a government outsources education to unqualified, unaccountable  individuals.

Given these horrific incidents, More Than Me’s contract should be immediately terminated and a thorough investigation instigated.

The Liberian government must take over administration of all of its schools and resume its duty of care to children and their educational well-being. Governments must be the guarantors and providers of education systems.

Let those found guilty of having breached their duty of care have the full weight of the law fall upon them.