Statement by the General Secretary, Mungwena Maluleke on the occasion of remembering the historic events of 26th June 1950

26 June 2014

Our country`s history records that June 26 is one of the most important days in the context of our liberation struggle. It is on this day in 1950 that we had the second national stay away, the launch of the Defiance Campaign in 1952, the adoption of the Freedom Charter in 1955 and the formation of the Anti-Apartheid Movement preceded by boycott campaigns in South Africa in 1959.

There is no doubt that the events of this day in the various years played a critical role towards the realisation of freedom. We thus have a responsibility as an organisation to ensure that current and future generations remain conscious of this history and appreciative of the role played by past generations.

Our Union has since time immemorial called for the compulsory teaching of relevant History in our schools so that the current and generations to come can appreciate the road that we have travelled as a nation. This in turn will ensure that our schooling system produces patriotic South Africans who are proud of who they are, their history and who are willing to contribute towards the developmental state that we envisage.

In line with the second & third pillars of our 2030 Vision that commit us to ensuring a learning nation through the involvement of our members and building socialism through a development orientated nation state respectively, we are calling upon all our members to dedicate some time on the 26th of June towards delivering a brief lesson to the learners about the 26th of June.

For this purpose we have attached a framework of the lesson that could be delivered on the day. Members are also encouraged to visit our website under SADTU Political school or email to access an electronic version that can then be printed out.

June 26th: South Africa Freedom Day