SADTU wishes the SACP a successful 15th National Congress

14 July 2022

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) takes this opportunity to wish our vanguard party, the South African Communist Party (SACP) a successful 15th National Congress taking place under the theme “Together, let’s build a powerful, socialist movement of the workers and poor”, taking place between the 13th - 16th of July 2022 at Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg.

This 15th National Congress takes place at a time when the workers and the working class find themselves under immense economic pressures, with increased job losses, the ongoing exploitation of workers within workplaces and society.

We remain confident that the SACP will deliberate at length and come out with lasting solutions in their continued efforts to defend workers from the greedy capitalists whose primary focus has been profit-maximisation.

It is also our view that the vanguard Party of the workers should take this opportunity to introspect and reflect on the role that it should play to unite the workers, the poor and the organised labour formations aligned to it. The Party should as it deliberates on very much needed macro-economic policy innovations that this moment that our body politic calls for and at the same time be oblivious of organisational challenges that confront us.

As a Union, we will continue to work even closer with our vanguard Party, hence our very strong view that the Party should be even more upfront in fighting against the cancer of corruption not only in as far as the state is concerned but the organised labour formations aligned to it as well.

The Party should not and cannot find itself embracing the protagonists of corruption that at some point worked extremely hard to liquidate our Union in particular. The battle of ideas is complex, particularly across the ideological spectrum. It is thus necessary for the vanguard party of the workers as it continues to guide us on complex macro-political and socio-economic issues to sustain an optimal working relationship with the organised labour formations aligned to it.

Most importantly, we wish all delegates the best in forging unity towards a stronger SACP that will build stronger worker-controlled solidarity in improving working conditions within all sectors.


General Secretary, Mugwena Maluleke: 082 783 2968

Deputy General Secretary, Nkosana Dolopi: 082 709 5651

Media Officer, Nomusa Cembi: 082 719 5157