SADTU Western Cape media statement

6 December 2012

SADTU in the Western Cape warns Education MEC Donald Grant not to use the Union as a scapegoat in the schools closures saga.

The South African Democratic Union (SADTU) in the Western Cape is baffled by Education MEC Donald Grant`s questioning of the involvement of SADTU in a court application for an interdict to stop the department from closing 18 out of 20 schools in the province.

To suggest that SADTU`s involvement in the matter is political shows how naive and out-of-touch the MEC is. SADTU was the first organization to speak out against the closures. The matter was escalated to our Federation (COSATU) and together with the communities, has spearheaded marches, demonstrations against the closures. However, our efforts were shunned, hence the legal route we are taking.

Asking why we never took the previous administration to court, the answer is simple: The previous administration developed an education provisioning plan with the communities, unions and School Governing Bodies through education forums.

We are not going to allow the DA to use us as a scapegoat in this matter. The DA has lost the public support and it now seeks to single out SADTU notwithstanding the fact that 18 out of 20 schools are applicants in this case. We warn the DA to stop playing cheap politics to camouflage its unilateralism nature.

These closures have not put the interests of the learners and those of communities at heart. We urge the MEC to do the right thing and keep our schools open.

Issued by: SADTU Western Cape

Contact: Provincial Secretary, Jonovan Rustin