SADTU Western Cape demands that Education MEC be fired for defying National Government by going ahead with the school feeding project

9 April 2020

SADTU is flabbergasted by Western Cape Education MEC’s arrogance in the handling of the school feeding project. She has the audacity to defy National Government and go ahead with the project. SADTU demands that she be fired.

Notwithstanding the disapproval from National Government, teacher unions and COSAS, the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape has gone ahead with the project. They are masquerading as philanthropists whilst putting the lives of learners and teachers at risk. They would never risk the lives of learners and staff in the leafy suburbs.

The MEC is actively contributing to the spread of the COVID 19 through this feeding scheme where learners have to leave their homes to fetch food in schools. Whilst she has the nerve to tell people of the Western Cape to wash their hands and stay at home. SADTU is clear that her action is criminal.

The MEC’s hatred for SADTU has blinded her from seeing a good proposal from the Union. This makes her unfit to hold such an important office. We call on Western Cape Premier to dismiss this MEC who is not fit for this role.

Whilst the MEC chooses to paint a rosy picture of learners standing in lines – 1.5 m apart -  collecting food, communities are sending pictures of learners packed together to collect a plate of food  exposing themselves to the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. SADTU is calling on school communities to flood social media platforms with these pictures to that the true picture can emerge.

SADTU has read reports where the National Government told the Western Cape Government to stop the feeding of learners. However, she has gone ahead. If the National Government does not act decisively, SADTU has no option but to resort to other processes in the next few days in order to bring this to a halt.

For further information, please contact

Jonavon Rustin, Provincial Secretary, 083 6335714

Sobongile Kwazi, Deputy Provincial Secretary: 083 6278006