The province wants to concur with the statement released by our national office that we are extremely concerned with the return of the “suspended” Director General to the National Department, who has caused a collapse to collective bargaining process in the country. We experienced a level of stability in his absence and fear that his return will result in eroding the gains we had made in his absence.

We challenge the political will of the department to deal with the real issues leveled against the Director General and wonder if the processes taken against him were not “staged” or done as a public relations exercise. With the enormous challenges facing our educators with regard to quality educational delivery under the Director- General`s watch , namely the text book saga, poor infra structure roll out, unspent budgets we cannot see how his return will enhance and advantage the poor child.

The failure of the Department of Education to deliver on Grade R to our communities show a lack of vision to improve quality learning and teaching, the DBE under his watch further allows the Western Cape Government not to place these employees (Grade R Practitioners) on persal.

SADTU Western Cape therefore demand that all outstanding matters be addressed. These mattersincludes, the parity between teachers and public servants, undermining collective bargaining and other matters agreed to between the union and DBE publicly in Cape Town.

The Department of Education’s failure to halt the Western Cape Education Department in their insistence to have systemic evaluationwhilst ANA is implemented Nationally, lie squally in the hands of the Director General. Bobby Soobrayan has failed the education fraternity of the Western Cape by not ensuring that consultative forums are established, in relation to curriculum, examinations, ECD and Inclusive education to mention a few. The DBE under Bobby has allowed the  Western Cape province to be managed as a republic.

We are concerned that the Department of Education both Nationally and Provincially have failed learners and teachers in the violent ridden areas, our leaners, teachers and support staff have to face bullets and thugs on a daily basis. Bobby and Grant has been silent on this matter, whilst learners and teachers must sit on the floor to avoid the bullets.  How can we honour the 201 schools days if we fear that we may become statistic due to gang violence. This is unacceptable and disrespects the quality and teaching campaign and a violation of our constitutional rights.

The province want to reiterate that  SADTU Western Cape respects and honours the decision of the National General Council and urge all leaders and members to implement this decision.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Provincial Secretariat