SADTU supports NEHAWU Parliament Workers

17 November 2015

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) urges Parliament`s management as the employer, to engage meaningfully with the representative of parliamentary staff, NEHAWU.

We urge the parliamentary authorities to listen properly to the concerns of staff, and to respond in a manner that will speedily resolve the issues in dispute, and allow Parliament to function normally again as we all, especially parliament`s dedicated servants, desire.

We remain confident in the capability of the two parties to reach a consensus with each other if they are not interfered with.

Parliament`s workers should not be treated as guinea-pigs, or test cases, for the wider application of austerity and belt-tightening in the country - as the Secretary to Parliament appears to be suggesting.

Mr Mgidlana is over-reaching his area of responsibility. If he has received instructions to do so, then the nation should be told about it.

As SADTU we have had experience of short memory by our employer concerning what they have signed. If that is indeed the present case, then intransigence of the employer will not assist. It will only drag out their inevitable climb-down.

Brinkmanship by public-sector employers is dangerous, and should not be allowed.