SADTU Statement on the collapse of Coastal College

5 August 2022

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union in Kwazulu Natal is disturbed by the deliberate collapse of the Coastal College in Durban. The College has been under the Administrator, Mr Biyela. Instead of improving the state of the College it has deteriorated under his leadership. As we speak there has been no teaching and learning for many weeks now as gates are allegedly locked by security guards who have not been paid. Students have not been given any proper meal for weeks.

Information is that the College which used to have reserves is now bankrupt to the extent that some workers remain unpaid. Students are without textbooks, construction and renovations have stopped. The condition of some of the College buildings is now a threat to the lives of workers and students.

SADTU believes that part of wastage of the Coastal College money is the fact that the Administrator is staying in an hotel in Umhlanga and the College has been paying for his stay there.

Also, there has been duplication of staff in that Mr Biyela allegedly brought his own people as staff thus putting the College/DHET employed staff in a situation where they just do nothing as he has his own staff.

There has been no progress in the College since his arrival.

As SADTU we notified the DHET and asked that the College be investigated on how its monies are used. Furthermore, SADTU is highly disturbed by the circulating voice note which points to the reality that there are corrupt activities at Coastal College allegedly involving the Administrator. The DHET will have to investigate the authenticity of the voice note which speaks about the tender contracts and how they are processed in the College.

SADTU further calls for the removal of Mr Biyela and that the DHET must quickly address the recruitment and appointment of the College Principal.

An urgent meeting is requested with the Director General of DHET so that the situation at Coastal can be dealt with.

Provincial Secretary: Nomarashiya Caluza - 0826117027

Provincial Deputy Secretary: Jabulani Nxumalo - 0826117028