SADTU on the slander and vilification on herselg and her leaders

5 February 2019

South African Democratic Teachers Union to take legal action against SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi

The South African Democratic Teachers Union has noted with grave concern the press statement made by SALIPSWU wherein various unfounded allegations are made regarding SADTU and various leaders of SADTU.

SADTU has further noted that there is a message circulating in the social media stating that SADTU should be targeted and amongst other strategies to be used, character assassination of leaders and attack on the Union.

SALIPSWU which was formed by amongst others the former President of SADTU, Mr. Thobile Ntola who was expelled from SADTU following a disciplinary hearing for serious misconduct, appears to have adopted an approach of slander and vilification against SADTU and its leaders following its failure to attract members from SADTU.

SADTU respects the rights of any person to freedom of association and free speech. However in the same spirit SADTU will demand that those who exercise these rights do so within acceptable bounds of the law and may not do so in gross violation of the rights of others.

Messrs Thobile Ntola and Mbuyiseni Mathonsi, past President and Provincial Secretary of SADTU have now arrogated to themselves the right to persist with their project of slander and character assassination of SADTU and its leaders as part of their attempts to gain public attention.

SADTU and the officials whom both Ntola and Mathonsi have aimed their vitriol against will now pursue legal action to seek compensation through the courts of law as a measure of last resort to stop this ongoing character assassination. To this end SADTU and the officials involved have instructed their legal representatives to initiate legal proceedings against SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi.

SADTU has issued a letter of demands to SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi on the 5th February 2019. Should we not receive a favourable response in this regard we shall proceed with legal action for appropriate relief.

SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi will therefore have an opportunity to prove their allegations in an open court and provide the necessary evidence to support their allegations.

We are calling upon all our structures to remain focused on recruiting, servicing and consolidating the Union to face challenges  that the workers are experiencing on a daily basis in a world that has become so brutal and hateful. Our strength is derived from our unity which at this stage every member of the Union must deepen. As we face violence in our schools and deteriorating conditions in the workplace, every member is an organiser and activist, and must be preoccupied with uniting  the workers to wage a war against neoliberal onslaught and not fighting against each other as workers.

We therefore implore our members not be distracted and provoked by reactionary tendencies such as those of SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi who are former leaders of SADTU and who seem determined to divide workers.