Yesterday, as we officially marked 20 years since the 1994 breakthrough we noted the worst criminal behaviour  from political opposition parties in the platinum belt when the National Union of Mineworkers` Youth Forum rally was disrupted. 

The hurling of stones at the leadership of our COSATU affiliates and the NUM Youth Forum by a group of 100 wearing AMCU T-shirts cannot be accepted. SADTU represents teachers as nation builders who are at work developing our children and violence is one of the apartheid demons we cannot accept in our society.

We teach our children to live together and promote peace amongst our people because people fought and died for our freedom. We therefore cannot take this freedom we are enjoying today for granted.

We are calling upon our people and all the first time voters to vote for the ANC as the liberation movement that liberated us and to preserve the legacy of Mandela and Chris Hani

We condemn any sort of violence portrayed by any individual or organization and we are calling our members to remain calm and allow relevant government processes to take its course.

We call upon the Minister of Police to act with speed in creating a peaceful environment in the Rustenburg area and those who are involved in violence against our leaders and members be brought to book without delay.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat