The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union would like to correct the misleading information spread by the media stating that the union supported COSATU General Secretary  Zwelinzima Vavi’s apology.

The address by the General Secretary of COSATU at a regional meeting must be regarded as a speech and nothing beyond.

SADTU has not received any apology and has no business in receiving one because the misconduct was subject to internal procedures in COSATU.

We reject, with the contempt it deserves, this misleading information aimed at bringing internal divisions within the Union. SADTU is an independent union that believes in the rule of law and the constitution of COSATU.

We have afforded the leadership of our Federation an opportunity to deal with this operational issue by following procedures to deal with the misconduct and avoided to deal with this matter in the media. This is a principled position of our Union is to respect internal processes and procedures. Our position is not an indication of weakness as others may want to conclude but we believe that this is our strength because no organization can be successful unless it is governed in terms of policies and not common sense.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat