SADTU reaction on the sentencing of a learner

3 December 2019

The Pietermaritzburg Magistrate Court handed a ground breaking sentence to a learner who assaulted his female teacher early in August this year. The 24-year-old learner, allegedly a repeat offender, will remain behind bars for 17 years. He is indeed unfit to be in the same environment with law abiding citizens. SADTU equally noted with justifiable anger that the learner was supposed to have been enrolled in institutions of learning suitable for his age if the recorded age of 24 years is correct.

This learner assaulted his unsuspecting female teacher by dragging her out of her car and attempted to drive the car over her in August 2019. This gruesome and inhumane incident happened in full view of some learners in the village of iMpendle at Chibelihle combined school. SADTU denounces violence against women and children and particularly violence in our schools that are expected to be safe places of teaching and learning for all.

The Magistrate has sent a strong and unambiguous message that violence in schools particularly against the most vulnerable and defenseless sections of our society should not be tolerated. Violence in schools destabilizes provision of quality education, compromises sound educational outcomes and disrupts the future of many learners in the process. SADTU will continue to encourage the department of education to invest more resources in the safety and security of learners and teachers thus protecting even the schools as the property of the society.

This is one case which was neither protracted nor consumed exorbitant State resources to finalise. The criminal justice system exceptionally demonstrated efficiency in dispensing justice without undue delay and SADTU commends all who carried this task with remarkable precision. It is through such sterling work that educators shall be able to reclaim their dignity and professional space and that learners shall be able to participate in the learning activities without fear of being harmed.

Nomarashiya Caluza
Provincial Secretary
082 611 7027

Bheki Shandu
Deputy Provincial Secretary
082 611 7028