A Special National Executive Committee was convened on the 11th of June 2014 in Kempton Park, with all the 9 provinces of the Union represented, the meeting acknowledged and reflected upon the current internal challenges facing the organization.

All the provinces re-committed themselves to the unity of the Union in the interest of the membership and our sector in its entirety. The meeting received a submission by the Eastern Cape Province and it was unanimously agreed that a process that will pave a way for comradely engagements between the leadership collective of the said Province and the National leadership must be allowed to unfold without any further hindrance and delay.

The NGC decision and programme as developed by the NEC will thus be rolled out without any delay and with the support of the leadership of the Eastern Cape to allow for the engagement of all the members and structures in the Province.

The National Executive Committee unanimously agreed and emphasized the point that all actions that will work against the intention to unite this organization must be avoided at all costs, this include but are not limited to; un-mandated media pronouncements outside of the Union’s established media protocol on internal matters, mobilizing members to march to the National Office in support of some individual leaders and the production of paraphernalia such as t-shirts in their support.

The meeting further agreed that all Provinces, in the spirit of unity will make sure that they abide by this decision and do what is necessary to rally all our structures behind it. The Special NEC agreed that the unity of the organization is of paramount importance and that all our members in all our provinces including the Eastern Cape must be mobilized fully behind its realization.

The NEC would like to announce that in recognition of the sacrifices made by the 1976 generation, the Union will on all its sites on the 13th of June through the members roll out activities to commemorate the events of June 16 1976. These activities, targeting the learners will include but are not limited to a brief lesson to be delivered on the day.

This is in line with our call for the teaching of compulsory and relevant History in all our schools, this will in turn ensure that the system produces patriotic South Africans who are appreciative of the road that we have travelled as a country more especially as we mark 20 years of democracy.   

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat