SADTU Post Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) Statement

5 June 2018

The South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) in the North West held its scheduled Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting on 01 - 02 June 2018 at Riviera Star Guesthouse in Mahikeng.

The meeting was the first after the conclusion of public service wage negotiations that dragged for eight months. The PEC noted that the negotiations were the most challenging as the prevailing conditions were not in favour of workers.

The PEC appreciated the work done by negotiators under difficult circumstances.

The PEC noted in particular the long-standing pay progression issue and the delinking of the housing allowance as significant victories for the workers. The Unions managed, under the circumstances, to secure a 2% above inflation increase for all public services employees.

The PEC further noted the need to intensify service to union members by continuously convening regular mass meetings and to visit structures including TVET colleges
Education matters

The PEC noted the engagement with the Education Department Senior Management team and their commitment to address challenges facing education and the educators in the province. The PEC resolved to monitor the commitment at all levels of the Department to address issues that include the following:

  • Contracts of temporary educators
  • Advertising school based promotional posts
  • Infrastructural challenges
  • LTSM funding and provisioning
  • Resourcing office based educators
  • Improvement of learner's performance
  • Rural incentives

The PEC further noted the Department of Education and Sport Development's commitment to convene meetings of the Curriculum Forum to deal with issues affecting curriculum delivery in the province.

Temporary teachers

The PEC noted the increasing numbers of educators who continue to work as temporary teachers across the province. The PEC resolved that regions should collate the information on temporary educators occupying substantive posts for three
months and more and declare a dispute on behalf of all those members.

Provisioning of sanitary towels to Girl Learners

The PEC noted with concern that in some instances, some girl learners cannot go to school when they are having their menstrual periods because they do not have sanitary towels. The PEC resolved that the union should launch a campaign to that effect and engage the Department of education and sports development in the province to provide sanitary towels for the needy.

Posture on the National Minimum Wage:

The PEC noted that the National Assembly has passed the National Minimum wage Bill and thanked the COSATU for working tirelessly for the minimum wage. We believe this is just a start and much will still come. It is opportunistic of SAFTU to criticize the Bill whilst there are workers who still receive far less that R20 per hour.

Political Matters

The PEC noted and accepted the long outstanding resignation of the Premier of North- west and the intervention of the inter-ministerial Committee. The PEC feels vindicated by the Cabinet decision to place the administration of the entire government of North- West under administration since we have long raised issues of corruption and maladministration.

Further, The PEC is of the view that COSATU should take a lead in engaging the ANC head office to be decisive about the future of ANC in the province as we approach the 2019 general elections.

International relations

The PEC condemned Israel for continuing to subject the people of Palestine to sub-human conditions in their own land. However, it commended the South African government for withdrawing its ambassador to Israel after the mass murder of unarmed Palestinians recently.

We are going to mobilize our masses to boycott Israel goods and campaign for international sanctions against Israel.



Provincial Secretary: 071 385 4659
Deputy Provincial Secretary: 082 809 0064