SADTU NW Media Statement on the current developments in the Provincial Department of Education

24 November 2021

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) in the North West (SADTU NW) held its Special Provincial Executive Committee (SPEC) meeting on the 23rd November 2021 and reflected on the current developments in the Department of Education in the province.

The SPEC deliberated on the current state of affairs following the media statement by the DBE on the arrest of the Administrator of education in the Province. The SPEC was appalled by the DBE’s lack of sense of urgency in moving swiftly to replace the Administrator as indicated in their earlier press statement. We strongly believe that the Administrator has not positively assisted Education in the province.

We believe that the dark cloud hanging over the Administrator in relation to the VBS saga does not bring any sign of hope and confidence to those operating under his leadership, hence our call that the DBE replaces the Administrator with immediate effect in the best interest of education in the Province.

The SPEC views the inaction by the Department of Education to date as a dereliction of duty and has created uncertainty during the time when learners are writing examinations.

We have also noted allegations that the administrator is back at work operating from home at the blessing of the department. This is totally unacceptable because the administration of section 100(1)(b) is being undermined by such developments.

The SPEC acknowledged the fact that the province was placed under administration and under the prerogative and competency of the National Department of Basic Education on Section 100(1)(b).  SADTU has consistently been analyzing the performance of the Administrator against the mandate he has been given and the adhoc team from parliament that was evaluating Section 100 intervention performance was made aware of the numerous challenges facing the department.

We have noted the following that have arisen under the watch of Mr Mohlala, the Administrator:

  • The North West Province department of education had roll-overs due to unspent Infrastructure Grant leading to serious infrastructural backlogs and the money being taken to other provinces.
  • We are aware that the department has advertised school-based promotional posts. Filling these vacancies is necessary as school management teams (SMT) posts are critical for the functioning of schools. However, SADTU is concerned that circular 37/2021 has omitted many posts that have been vacant before the ones advertised and as such compromising the same intention of stabilizing management in schools. The union therefore calls for department to advertise all substantive vacant posts in all the schools across the province as these are funded posts that are on the post establishments of the schools.
  • That engagements at the level of the PELRC are just about to collapse and previously we warned the Administrator about the performance of the team representing the employer at that level, and the Administrator responded arrogantly to the plea by PELRC to assist in this regard.
  • The delay in processing appointments of office based promotional posts which has led to lack of support to educators.
  • Failure to honour a policy imperative on the payment of rural incentives to the deserving educators, despite the department having presented a budget which included payment of rural incentive.
  • Failure to decisively deal with security in schools.
  • Failure to provide schools with administrative support staff.

SADTU North West is of the firm view that Mr. Mohlala is not fit to be the Administrator of the province. Whilst we are not opposed to administration we, however, remain with a conviction that Mr Mohlala must be relieved of his mandate to be the Administrator of the North West Department of Education as he adds no value to the department.

As SADTU North West we strongly believe that his immediate removal will be in the best of the education system in the North West.

We reiterate our stance that as an organisation we are against any form of corruption and cannot be associated with such. We are also firm that the DBE must, in appointing the administrator, take into account experience, ethical conduct and the best interest of education as a whole.

The SPEC further resolved to engage the federation in the Province to cause the North West government to seek review on the performance of Section 100 in general.

Failure to remove Mr. Mohlala and non-response to the issues as raised will leave the union with no option but to intensify the action to remove the administrator.


Provincial Secretary: George Themba 071 385 4659

Provincial Deputy Secretary: Masaele Cindi 067 412 7053