SADTU in the Northern Cape shocked and disgusted by Reports of Alleged Sexual Relations Between Teachers and Learners at Bothitong High School

31 August 2017

SADTU in the Northern Cape has learned with great shock, disappointment and disgust media reports of 30 August 2017 about the alleged serious and unbecoming conduct of teachers in Bothitong High School.

We want to reiterate our position as a professional and progressive teachers' trade union that we fully acknowledge the trust that society puts on teachers as a whole whereby they bestow us custody of their children in order for us to mould them to be well rounded members of society and responsible citizens of this country. Therefore, educators are in loco parentis and that role should never be undermined by anyone.

We therefore strongly condemn, with the contempt it deserves, the alleged behaviour of those teachers at Bothitong High School. We view the alleged conduct as very insensitive, unprofessional and disgusting to say the least. Educators cannot use their status bestowed on them by society to abuse children placed under their care. To add insult to injury, it is highly immoral to exploit the economic status of learners to prey on their vulnerability and use money to lure them to satisfy their immoral behaviour and sexual lust.

We are calling upon the Northern Cape Department of Education to move swiftly in taking serious action against those who would be found guilty on the basis these allegations of sexually abusing school children.

As of 31 August 2017, SADTU in the Northern Cape has already instituted its own investigations to ensure that none of its members have engaged in the alleged behaviour with the effort of ensuring that we weed out these culprits from our organisation and the education system.

Furthermore, we call upon the law enforcement agencies to ensure they go to the root of these allegations and if these are found to have substance, perpetrators of these horrendous acts should face the full might of the law.

SADTU Northern Cape commits its unwavering assistance and would support all efforts to leave no stone unturned in exposing this unbecoming and immoral behaviour in the Education System.

Issued by Provincial Secretariat

Fikile Ntathu Palesa Nqumashe
Provincial Secretary Provincial Deputy Secretary
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