SADTU Northern Cape is disturbed by the vandalism of schools during the Covid 19 Lockdown

12 April 2020

SADTU in the Northern Cape have learned of the disturbing events of vandalism of schools and theft throughout the Province. A total of 26 schools have been affected by these criminals acts.

The country is now faced with a the COVID 19 pandemic which has and is still affecting learning and teaching. Our education is already facing difficult and trying times due to this pandemic, we therefore cannot be sidetracked by these barbaric acts. We strongly condemn these acts.

The breaking-in of schools, the illicit damaging and destruction of property together with theft are mischievous acts that are highly unacceptable. Schools are the most important institutions for formal learning for all. It is where the general education and lifelong learning of all our learners should take place.

While we understand the role and the mandate that the SAPS has at hand; we want to call on our law enforcement agencies to make sure that the perpetrators are brought to book. These perpetrators have committed among othercrimes: contravened lockdown regulations by leaving their homes to commit these ghastly acts and vandalised government institutions.

SADTU has the "I AM A SCHOOL FAN' campaign where we invite all stakeholders in education to participate in owning and protecting schools.

We also want to make a humble call to the communities in affected areas to assist by reporting the perpertrators and safegaurding our schools.

Education is the only weapon to change the world and the only potent weapon to fight poverty. Poverty cannot be fought by crime.

Issued by the Secretariat

Palesa Nqumashe: Provincial Secretary: 0737534187
Thabo Gaethijwe: Deputy Provincial Secretary: 0794744069