The SADTU Northern Cape 6th Provincial Conference which brings together the PROVINCIAL OFFICE BEARERS, REGIONAL OFFICE BEARERS and 1 BRANCH DELEGATE for every 200 paid up members convened from the 13-15 June 2014, Kimberley, representing 5642 educators and education workers, met to review the programmes of the Union, its policy positions, progress made on its 2030 Vision and broader issues both within and outside our sector.

Conference acknowledges that we are meeting 14 months since the untimely demise of Cde Ruth Oliphant, the former Deputy Provincial Secretary in whose name we deep our revolutionary flags and in whose name we must carry on the struggle for quality public education and access for all.

The conference notes that the Union remains the only hope for the total realisation of the ideal of People’s Education for People’s Power. We have a task as teachers to ensure that the National Democratic Revolution is not only defended but advanced at all costs, we thus see it as our revolutionary task to ensure that younger generations appreciate our struggle and our history. A united SADTU is in our best interest and only through it can we make a tangible contribution towards not only the defense of but the advancement of the NDR as well.

We are alive to the reality that the Union is confronted by some organisational challenges at various levels that have undermined our unity as an organisation. We the delegates to this 6th Triennial Provincial Conference re-commit ourselves to the preservation of unity and the supremacy of our constitution. We accept that internal organisational processes as guided by the constitution must at all times be observed and that no individual is above the Union.

We welcome the results of the last general elections in which the ANC received a mandate to govern the country once again. We will continue to work with the ANC to ensure that the commitments as made in the manifesto are realized and we move South Africa forward.  

In light of the challenges that confront us both within and outside the organization and in line with our 2030 Vision, we resolve as follows:


We reaffirm the Union’s 2030 Vision and want to see improved efficiency in terms of its implementation at all levels of the organisation. We note in particular the recruitment, retainment and organising strategies that are in existence and captured in the vision, we believe that more effort must be put towards capacity building for the members and the implementation of programmes as part of our strategies.


It is our view that education is a basic human right and not a privilege and that everything must be done to ensure universal access. We will ensure that the powers that be deliver what is required for the creation of an optimal teaching and learning environment such as school infrastructure and LTSM. We will not accept any excuses from departmental officials for inefficiencies and will hold them accountable at all times.

We are of the firm view, that more resources must be channeled towards teacher development initiatives and that this must be done through amongst others the implementation of innovative strategies in terms of the acquisition of LTSM. We equally want to see the strengthening of the SADTU Curtis Nkondo Professional Development Institute so that more training programmes can be availed to our members including those in the intermediate phase.

We will continue to support the policy directive of the incremental introduction of African languages in our schools. It is only through the affirmation of our languages that we can preserve our culture, identity and ensure that our school system produces patriotic South Africans.  We will thus continue to rally behind the Union’s call to make the teaching of relevant History in our schools compulsory, we must tell our own story.

We believe that, the Department of Basic Education must elevate sports, arts and culture in our schools and treat it as a necessity instead of reducing it into a side issue. There must be greater accountability around this area because it is only through the implementation of SAC programmes that we can ensure that our learners are developed holistically.   

We note the anxiety that usually accompanies the release of matric results and their publication particularly in the print media.  We reject the publication of result in the media especially with names of candidates.  


We the delegates to this 6th Triennial Provincial Conference, noting that the ANC has seen an increase in its support in the last general elections in the province despite the emerging tendencies from counter-revolutionary forces hell bent on derailing our progress as a country, hereby agree that through COSATU we must start preparing for the 2016 local government elections.

We acknowledge that the presence of SADTU in every ANC ward can be beneficial and can assist to improve the current state of ANC branches, it is against this background that we commit ourselves to taking the lead in terms of the political education for our members and young people in particular as we work towards the 2016 local government elections.

There must be a deliberate national programme by the Union to build COSAS structures at all levels, SADTU’s Site Executive Committees must commit to launch COSAS branches in each school. In the same spirit we want to call for the establishment of task teams to monitor service delivery, this will in turn assist in addressing service delivery backlogs facing our municipalities.

We note the good work that is being done by the current national leadership of the union in terms of maintaining our unity and implementing organisational programmes, we thus want to re-affirm our support for this collective in the upcoming national congress of the Union and moving forward.

We note the emergence of a new and unbecoming tendency that includes the desire by some to turn trade unions into political ultra left formations, we want to dismiss this as nothing but demagoguery of the worst order without any sound ideological bearing. We see this as a deliberate attempt to demobilize workers, defocus them from the real issues and degenerate their unity. It is in this spirit that we will continue to fight for the unity of the alliance with the SACP and the ANC.



We note the kidnapping of 230 schoolgirls by Boko Haram from a school in Chibok, Borno State, Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is a concern to us as teachers and we thus want to support and participate actively in the “Bring back our girls campaign”. It remains our revolutionary task to fight for safer schools and the protection of the rights of the girl child.



We are re-affirming the Union’s 2030 Vision in terms of organizational excellence, we owe it to the general membership to ensure that we observe and abide by all the policies of the union and account for its resources at all times without fail.


We the delegates to this 6th triennial provincial conference believe that the unity of the organisation is central to our very existence. We will do everything in power to ensure that the union remains united at all levels, we will fight against those who intend to compromise and degenerate our unity. We believe that as the working class this organisation is all we have and that it is only through it that we can defend the gains of our democracy and advance our ideological course. We will defend this Union with all that we have, we will defend its constitution at all times and we will ensure that it grows from strength to strength.

The following collective was unanimously elected:

  1. George Masegela -  Provincial Chairperson
  2. Senzo Mpalala     -  Deputy Provincial Chairperson
  3. Sipho Mayongo   -  Provincial Secretary
  4. Fikile Ntathu         -  Deputy Provincial Secretary
  5. Helen Booysen-Mokgatsang      -  Provincial Treasurer
  6. Bibi Mahumapelo                       -  Provincial Education Convenor
  7. Ellen Allies                                  -  Provincial Gender Convenor
  8. Bernadine Bostander                   -  Provincial Sports, Arts and Culture Convenor