The Provincial leadership of SADTU North West province held a two day strategic meeting where they resolved on a number of critical issues. Top on the agenda was the state of education in the North West and prioritizing organizational renewal.

The Provincial Working Committee (PWC) emphasized the importance of members remaining in the revolutionary union. They said “not in the name of SADTU to those leaders who convene union meetings to take decision to join or form a new union”. The leadership condemns attempts by some leaders who use SADTU meetings to take decisions that encourage members to leave SADTU. "This is unheard of in the traditions of our union SADTU to have a constitutional structure resolving to join a new union" said the leadership. "We will defend this union with our lives because this is the only hope for our members against the unwarranted bashing they suffer," said the Provincial Working Committee.

Those who use the name of the union to arrive at irrational decisions are undermining the membership of this union and must stop. Those behind such decisions have no blessings from the provincial leadership and members must ignore them and continue to support SADTU. Every member has a duty to challenge such counter-revolutionary acts.

In addition the union resolved to reposition the union to confront the many challenges that continue to confront SADTU members and learners in public schools. The PWC vowed to continue the fight for the conversion of temporary teachers to permanent status.

The Provincial Working Committee (PWC) has also reflected on the continued disruptions of schools by protesting residents in the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality, in the Zeerust area. The demands to have water by the communities are genuine and must be supported however closing the schools is not a solution and this must be condemned. Our communities are underdeveloped and we need highly skilled citizens to transform the very same communities and education is the only weapon we have at our disposals to achieve development. The closure of any school undermines our effort to transform our society and delays our empowerment. We call upon the leadership of our communities to allow schools to operate because even in a war zone children are allowed to learn.

Not in the name of our Union and not in the name of our members.

 ISSUED BY SADTU Provincial Secretariat