SADTU North West Post Provincial General Council – Media Statement

18 July 2019

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union in the North West held a successful Provincial General Council (PGC) from Friday 12 until Saturday 13 July 2019 at Orion Safari Lodge, Rustenburg.

The PGC was organised under the theme “Restore the Character of SADTU as a Union of Revolutionary, Agents of Change and Champions of People’s Power in Pursuit of Socialism and its sub-theme “Towards Education Transformation and a Safe Workplace” met to review the Provincial programmes, refine policies of the Union and plan the road ahead towards the 2019 SADTU National Congress. It brought together 135 delegates from the Provincial, Regional and Branch leadership of the Union representing a total number of 15 317 members comprising of 14 761 members from Basic Education, 444 Administrative Staff in Education and 112 members from the TVET Sector.

It was graced by the presence of SADTU National Treasurer Cde Lindiwe Motshwane, SACP Provincial Chairperson Cde Smuts Matshe, COSATU Provincial Secretary Cde Kopano Konopi and North West Education MEC, Wendy Matsemela

The PGC was the first after the amendment of SADTU constitution as adopted in 2014 and thus served as a mid-term review to ratify decisions of the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) and adopt policy issues of major importance in between Provincial Conferences.


The PGC acknowledged that the historic Tripartite Alliance that essentially represents the progressive liberation forces of our country emerged victorious from the 5th National Elections despite the challenges that we continue to face as a movement.

The PGC in its memorial lecture further reflected on the life and contributions of the late Cde Sam Tlholoe to the Union and urged the delegates to live up to his aspirations and dreams about SADTU.

After robust deliberations, the PGC resolved amongst others, on the following issues:

In relation to Servicing of Membership Service and Representation:

On Membership service:

  • That the Union should embark on an intensive capacity building programme and strengthen the training of Site-Stewards on recruitment and induction of new members; that the recruitment, retention and servicing of members should be ongoing using the National Strategy. Improve service to the vulnerable sectors like Office Based Educators, Early Childhood Development (ECD) Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Community Education and Training (CET) should be given a priority;

In relation to Creating a Learning Nation / Education:

On the Undocumented Learners

  • Having noted a large number of undocumented learners in the system who are barred from writing their final examinations.

PGC resolved:

  • That NO Learner should be denied access to Quality Public Education on the basis of not having all the required documentation;
  • That all relevant departments should work together to ensure that all learners are properly documented with the first quarter of schooling.

On School Safety

  • Having noted the scourge of violence against teachers and learners in our schools, and that the North West Department of Education did not budget for school safety as per their budget presented to the North West Chamber in the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) in May 2019.
  • It is our strongly considered view that school violence should be seen as the national crisis that it is and that there must be adequate resourcing to facilitate the implementation of the National Schools Safety Framework that has been developed almost a decade ago from an infrastructure and personnel point of view.
  • To this end, we declare that as a province, we will be fully behind the initiatives and campaigns that our union has established to spread the word about the adverse effects of violence in our schools and in essence, to mobilize all stakeholders and communities against the violence in our schools.
  • To this effect, the PGC resolved that the North West Department of Education must review their budget to encapsulate and implement the resolutions of the Provincial Safety Summit.

On Education Provisioning

  • Having noted the under provisioning of resources to our schools;
  • The PGC resolved that an audit of under-resourced schools should be conducted in order to ensure that all schools are adequately resourced.
  • Further that all schools must be adequately resourced with Administrative Support Staff as part of defining what a real school is.

On the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Whilst cautious about the negative impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on tpersonnel provisioning, SADTU needs to ensure that our members and Educators in general are well prepared for the capitalist driven agenda that might prey on this phenomenon.

On the Provincial Teacher Development Institute

  • Having noted the 2009 National Teacher Development Summit and the 2010 Provincial Teacher Development Summit resolutions and the reluctance of the North West Department of Education to establish Teacher Development Institute;
  • The PGC resolved to vigorously engage the Department of Education in the North West with a view establishing a Provincial Teacher Development Institute, as we believe that the Institute will enhance the Teacher Development Initiatives and related programmes.

In relation to Socio-economic and Labour issues

PGC deliberated on a host of Conditions Service, and resolved that

On Conditions of Service

  • Having noted the changing materials conditions affecting our members;
  • That the Union should strive at all times to improve conditions of service as this will go a long way in uplifting the morale of Education Workers.

In respect of Building Socialism through Developmental Oriented Nation State

PGC resolved

On the Alliance

  • To strengthen the relationship between the Alliance partners at Regional and local level; SADTU members should be encouraged to participate in all the Alliance activities and campaigns;
  • Constructive engagement amongst leaders of the alliance should be scheduled to clarify the objectives of the current phase of the National Democratic Revolution;
  • The council committed to work towards reviving COSATU and its locals to be a campaigning and militant Federation.
  • The Council committed to the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and reaffirm our commitment to the tripartite alliance that is biased towards the working class and the poor.

In relation to intransigent departmental officials and the future of the Administrator.

PGC resolved

  • The PGC reiterate the standing decision of the Provincial Executive Committee that the administrator should be removed from his office with immediate effect. The PGC further resolved to take a firm stand and action against all intransigent departmental officials who are holding back progress in improving the administration of the department within the province.

Issued by North West Secretariat

Provincial Secretary  : George Themba 071 385 4659
Deputy Provincial Secretary : Masaele Cindi 082 809 0064