SADTU North West congratulates the class of 2020

24 February 2021

The South African Teachers’ Union in North West (SADTU NW) welcomes the matric results of 2020 and congratulate both the learners and teachers for the good performance. The Province notes that whilst there is a significant drop of 10, 6% as compared to the 2019 results, the class of 2020 demonstrated resilience, determination and hard work as the circumstances were very difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also note the sterling job done by all the stakeholders i.e. teachers, learners, parents, and departmental officials in ensuring that learners do their best under the circumstances

The 2020 academic year was engulfed in serious challenges due to the pandemic that caused a lot of anxiety and panic to all involved in education. The entire sector had to adjust to the new normal as prescribed by the Covid19 restrictions resulted in extended closure of schools which caused learners to continue learning on their own; and when the schools finally re-opened there were cases of infected staff members causing schools to close again. Despite all these challenges the class of 2020 demonstrated their might and overcame the situation.

Through the support of departmental officials and cooperation from learners and parents, learners in the province worked very hard to achieve 76.2% pass rate. These results were made possible by the fact that educators had put more effort by dedicating their time to cover the lost ground; they worked over weekends and holidays preparing learners for the end of the year examinations.

As we commend the job well done, we hope that the department has learned from the challenges of 2020 and will be in a better position to put plans in place to ensure that schools overcome any hurdles in the 2021 academic year. The department, through the Teacher Development Unit, should identify content gaps particularly on the subjects in which learners underperform. This should be done with the intention to capacitate educators through programmes that would assist in dealing with the challenges and  provide psychosocial support to both learners and teachers.

 As we continue to deal with the challenges of Covid-19, the department should improve the infrastructural challenges by providing schools with laboratories, libraries, etc. The department should also provide additional support staff to alleviate overworking the teachers.

We call on all the learners who did not make it, not to despair but use the opportunity to register again and strive to improve their results and achieve the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

We call on our parents and communities at large to provide undivided support to the learners in the entire schooling programme. The matric class of 2021 should start preparing earlier for the journey ahead.


George Themba: Provincial Secretary, 071 385 4659

Masaele Cindi: Deputy Provincial Secretary, 067 412 7053