The National Program of Action when it was suspended it was on the basis that consideration has been undertaken and SADTU’s demands will not fall by the wayside.

When Booby Soobrayan was suspended by the Department of Basic Education a sigh of relief, set on all employees of the Department. It brought fresh hopes that the department indeed was willing to restore labour peace, sustain it and deal with anyone including its DG who was threatening it.

The recent development of a mock disciplinary process, with no intention to exorcise and rid the DBE of unscrupulous and purgatory character and elements whose sole intention is to amass wealth, use their ill-gotten wealth to dish-out patronage, silence and dismantle union formation.

The union’s demands put to the President of the country, President JG Zuma on the 24th April 2013 are still fresh in our minds, the union anger against Booby Soobrayan still smells like gal in our mouth and our member’s palms are still itching to physically come to Sol Plaatjie House and physically remove this DG from the DBE offices. Surely this pronouncement of lifting the DG’s suspension and imposing a non-guilty verdict will only serve to anger the union more as well as make its members to start a Program of Action like never experienced before in the country.

The fact is;

  1. That the union still posses the will to launch a relentless fight against the ills within the DBE and rid it of such.
  2. That the DG in collusion with some of his official who seems to have formed a ring of steel around this him will not dampen our spirits nor deter us.

We appeal that sanity must prevail and the DG be placed on forced leave, failing which we will be left with no choice but to also lift a suspension imposed on our Program of Action.

SADTU North West

Thabo Sematle: Acting Provincial Secretary, 082 809 0064
Els Themba: Provincial Chairperson, 071 385 4358