Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners in the Mpumalanga province will march to the offices of the MEC for education on Thursday, 06 June 2013.

The march, led by SADTU is aimed at raising the following challenges faced by ECD practitioners:

  1. The Mpumalanga Education Department employs more than 1000 ECD practitioners who are earning a flat salary rate of R5000.00 per month. This flat fee has remained the same since 2010.
  2. The above flat fee is regarded as a stipend rather than a salary which robs the practitioners of entitlement to benefits such as housing and medical aid which are received by everyone in the public service.
  3. The ECD practitioners are employees as defined in the LRA and should be entitled to the same status afforded all employees in the public service including salary adjustment in line with inflation.
  4. The Mpumalanga Education Department should enroll all practitioners in programmes that will allow them to achieve the minimum required qualifications of a teacher.
  5. Currently the Department does not recognize improvement in qualifications by practitioners who improve themselves and this should be corrected without delay.
  6. Improvement of the working conditions of all ECD practitioners without delay.

The ECD practitioners will first assemble at the Nelspruit Showgrounds at 9am before marching to the office of the MEC.

ISSUED BY SADTU in Mpumalanga