SADTU Limpopo Province media statement on the release of the 2019 NSC Matric Results

8 January 2020

SADTU Limpopo Province welcomes the 2019 NSC Matric Results wherein the province obtained an overall performance of 73, 2 %, which reflects an overall improvement of 3.8%.

We are particularly delighted by the fact that the province was able to break the psychological barrier of 70% which was last achieved in 2014. We believe this will serve as a benchmark and a locomotive that should propel the province to achieve the much-vaunted 80% plus in years to follow.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the educators in the province, who are the foot-soldiers of the education revolution, and without whom this feat would have never been achieved. By the same token we extend our gratitude to all the stakeholders in education, the parents, School Governing Bodies (SGB’s), as well education officials.

We further express special congratulations to the learners who burned the midnight oil and made great sacrifices in order to achieve these good results. We are further delighted by the fact that the statistics indicate that the majority of the learners who passed and performed extremely well are female; this will help to advance the goals of our gender struggle in society.

The province further presented 9 learners who were placed amongst the top 30 achievers nationally. Their achievements will serve as a great inspiration to other learners that nothing is impossible in life and that one’s geopolitical location does not determine his/her success.

The euphoria that arises out of this positive development must not lull us into a false sense of believing that all is well. The province is still grappling with massive challenges regarding the provision of basic infrastructure such as classrooms, proper sanitation, libraries, sports and recreational facilities in our schools.

The destruction of schools infrastructure during service delivery protests also poses a serious challenge and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms by all and sundry. The mainstreaming of early childhood development, while a national competence, must also be prioritised. It is our firm belief that early childhood development serves as the bedrock for future success in the schooling system. The filling of promotional and other auxiliary posts must be attended to as a matter of extreme urgency.

Particular attention must also be given to teacher development in order to equip our educators with the correct tools of the trade that will ensure they are able to grapple with the ever changing and evolving education system.

The union is ready and willing to engage meaningfully with the education authorities about strategies and tactics that can be used to maintain and improve the educational outcomes in the province.

Lastly, we wish to encourage all the learners that did not pass to never lose hope. We wish to indicate to them that failure is not final, but giving up is. The adage that says “Our glory consists not in never falling, but rising up every time we fall” should inspire them to want to do it right next time.

Issued by the Secretariat

Tjebane Sowell: Provincial Secretary 082 808 3161
Mulalo Nevari: Provincial Deputy Secretary 082 804 0800