SADTU Limpopo Province Media Statement on the personal attacks levelled against the COSATU Provincial Secretary Cde Gerald Mkhomazi Twala

22 September 2020

SADTU Limpopo Province has noted with great concern the various media statements levelled against the Provincial Secretary of COSATU Cde Gerald Twala. The union takes strong exception and umbrage against attempts to characterise the COSATU Provincial Secretary as someone who is wielding inordinate power in COSATU and uses it to leverage supposed business deals in the Province for self-benefit.

We see these personal attacks as a poor attempt to want to isolate the Provincial Secretary from the PEC collective and set him as bait to attack the federation on the decisions it has taken during the last PEC held on the 16th September 2020. These kinds of distractions will not work this time around, irrespective of how strident and vociferous they are sustained in the public discourse.

For the record, the COSATU Provincial Secretary is the official spokesperson of the federation in the Province and communicates all decisions of COSATU to the public and media at large, whether palatable or not. As indicated above, the decisions that comrade Twala communicated were that of the COSATU PEC collective taken at a duly convened meeting of the federation, and as such reflect the opinions of COSATU affiliates on all matters raised therein. While we respect other organisation's rights to hold different views to that of COSATU, what we find odd is the fact that the ANC Waterberg Region arrogated to itself the responsibility to respond to the COSATU media statement in a manner different to the posture adopted by the ANC in the Province. The ANC Waterberg Region decided to use slander and character assassination on the person of the COSATU Provincial Secretary instead of dealing with the substantive issues raised by COSATU in the Province.

We are however not surprised by the level of noise coming from that direction as ANC Waterberg Region has of late distinguished itself as paper tigers whose vocation is to write a myriad of senseless media statements instead of living true to their historic mandate of delivering services to the residents of Waterberg Region. The same energy directed at the Provincial Secretary of COSATU should be directed at stopping the wanton and runaway corrupt activities that characterise and defines most local municipalities under its leadership like the Mogalakwena Municipality, Reclaim the municipalities lost during the last elections in 2016 and apply consequence management to all errant leaders and councillors fingered in such corrupt activities. We would expect ANC Waterberg Region to have their work clearly cut out for them, however they are wasting a lot of time clamouring for media attention through gossip-mongering and perpetuating falsehoods.

As SADTU Limpopo Province we remain resolute and unshaken, and we will continue to give our unwavering support to the Provincial Secretary of COSATU and the entire Provincial Office Bearers. We support all decisions taken by COSATU and we will spare neither strength nor effort to ensure that they are realised.

Issued by the Provincial Secretariat

Tjebane Sowell Provincial Secretary 082 808 3161
Mulalo Nevari Deputy Provincial Secretary 082 804 0800