SADTU Limpopo Province Media Statement on allegation of corruption levelled against the MEC of Education Ishmael Kgetjepe

20 March 2019

SADTU Limpopo Province has noted with great concern the persistent allegation of corruption levelled against the MEC of Education, Kgetjepe Ishmael as reported in the City Press newspaper.

The MEC is alleged to have solicited money from Mvula Trust which is an entity tasked to deal with issues of school infrastructure in the Province renowned for its massive school infrastructure backlog.

As a union, we subscribe to the principle of natural justice that says one should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. We however, by the same token, abhor any act of corruption and pillaging of state resources from whatever quarter they emanate from.

SADTU Limpopo has joined various protest marches in the Province to voice its anger whenever acts of corruption are reported to have occurred, and this one is no exception. We believe that corruption is a social malady that deprives citizens of the country much needed services and as such must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Che Guevara taught us that "Leadership is a Sacred duty granted to an individual on the basis of trust, it is incumbent on the elected leader to honour such a trust, if needs be, with one's own life". We believe that in the era where our country is embroiled in massive scandals of corruption and impropriety that are daily emblazoned on the front pages of the media, we must all be appalled by such allegations on the part of the MEC. Were these allegations proven to be true, the MEC would have betrayed the trust bestowed upon him by the citizens of this province, and as such should fall by his own sword.

We call upon the law enforcement agencies to speed up the matter of investigations and to bring whoever is involved in aiding and abetting this act to book. Equally, we call upon the Premier of the Province and the ruling party ANC which has deployed the MEC to the Provincial Legislature to look seriously into the matter, lest it puts a damper on the fight against corruption and the election work of the ruling party in the province.

As SADTU we will remain combat-ready to embark upon any action to demand that those tasked with responsibility to lead our society, and in particular a critical department such as the Department of Education, to be above reproach. The events of 2011 when the Department and the entire province was nearly brought to a total collapse are still fresh in our minds and we dare not forget.

Long Live SADTU!

Tjebane Sowell
Provincial Secretary

Mulalo Nevari
Deputy Provincial Secretary