SADTU Limpopo Province held a Special Provincial Executive Committee on the 04th March 2014 at its Provincial Office to reflect, analyze and review the latest developments regarding the state of provisioning for education in the e province. The meeting further discussed and adopted an election programme geared towards mobilizing for the ANC’s decisive election victory in the upcoming 07th May 2014 general elections.

On our relationship with the Department of Education in Limpopo

After very robust and thorough deliberations regarding the state of education provisioning in the province, the SPEC meeting has reached a unanimous conclusion that our relationship with the department of education in the province has broken down irretrievably with no immediate prospect for reconciliation. We are convinced more than ever that the department is waging a relentless war to isolate, frustrate and totally marginalize SADTU. Public pronouncements by authorities in the department bears testimony to the fact that there is an agenda to create a master and servant kind of a relationship that does not respect our right as a union.  This is borne out the fact that for far too long the union has been engaging the department on a myriad of unresolved issues but to this end we have not received any joy. Attempts to engage the national department of education in the light of the section 100 (1) (b) of the Constitution of South Africa has also borne no fruit. The Minesterial Task Team established to deal with these challenges has had its recommendations and decisions rebuffed by the powers that be in the department.

To name but just a few, these are some of the issues that still remain unresolved:

  • Failure to finalise the contracts of AET practitioners
  • Exclusion of grade R educators in school post establishments for 2014
  • Dysfunctionality of newly-established district offices
  • Inadequate delivery of textbooks to schools
  • Failure to train educators on CAPS
  • Failure to honour travel claims by office-based educators
  • Late payment of markers
  • Non-compliance with skills development prescripts
  • Veiled threats issued to educators and principals of schools

The Union will be embarking on a rolling mass action to pressurize the department to attend to these and many other challenges not enumerated above. The actions will begin with pickets by branches at various circuit offices, marches by regions to district offices and this will culminate in a provincial protest march whose details will be announced soon. In the meantime the union is considering applying a work-to-rule principle. If none of these actions yield positive results we do not rule out a possibility of going on a full-blown strike. A strike council has been organized for next week to deal with the logistics of the action.

On the 2014 Election Programme

Driven by our conviction that the ANC is the only beacon of hope amongst our people and members in particular, the Special PEC meeting has reaffirmed SADTU’s position to give ANC our unwavering and unqualified support in the upcoming elections. To that end we have adopted a programme that the union will embark upon in the coming few weeks. We have further established an election war room in the SADTU Provincial Office to co-ordinate the election work. Our programmes will be synchronized with the ANC election programmes at various levels of our sphere of operation (BET’s, LET’s, RET’s and PET’s). We have also branded all our union fleet cars with ANC colours and have acquired ANC-branded materials to distribute to members and structures.

Long live SADTU! Forward to working class solidarity!

As compiled by the Provincial Secretariat