SADTU KwaZulu Natal statement on the real reasons why Mathonsi and SALIPSWU are on a mission to destroy SADTU and its leaders

N.B. This statement was presented at a media conference convened by the SADTU KwaZulu-Natal

14 March 2019

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) welcomes the conclusion of the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and the South African Police Service investigations into allegations that the Provincial Secretary of SADTU in KZN, Nomarashiya Caluza, did not have initial professional teaching qualifications and/or that her academic qualifications were fraudulent. The mere conclusion of these investigations, never mind the outcomes thereof, is very important to ensure that both SADTU and the Provincial Secretary can focus on their core business of serving members and the work she was elected for respectively.

Both the South African Police Service and the South African Council of Educators have after the investigation found that the allegations were unfounded and without any merit. This outcome, however, came as no surprise at all to SADTU. SADTU had already conducted its own internal investigation and had found that there was no merit whatsoever in the allegations. However, it was still important that independent bodies conduct and conclude their own investigations and make their own independent findings. SADTU and the Provincial Secretary gave their full cooperation with these investigations.

The verification process on the qualifications of our Provincial Secretary, Comrade Nomarashiya Caluza, by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) as an independent organization has exposed the lies peddled by Mr Mathonsi and his new union, SALIPSWU. The lies peddled by them, we believe, are aimed at assassinating the character of both leaders and SADTU, the union of choice for education workers in South Africa. We further believe that these slanderous, frivolous and vexatious allegations are meant to mislead unsuspecting members and workers in the education sector to join their union which from the inception has used all sort of lies and tricks to get organizational rights.

SADTU has now become accustomed to dealing with frivolous and vexatious allegations made against it and its leaders. Those who are uncomfortable with SADTU and its position on issues affecting its members have never spared their energies to try and discredit SADTU in the eyes of the public. One of the obvious reasons for this is the fact that SADTU through COSATU is part of the alliance with the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party as well as SANCO. It has become amply clear that SADTU is a source of irritation for some hence their repeated failed attempts to discredit SADTU and its leadership.

Not long ago SADTU was accused of involvement in the selling of teaching posts. These allegations received extensive publicity and a full-blown investigation was established to probe these allegations. When not a shred of evidence could be provided to support these allegations, those who made these allegations went to ground.

In recent times, SADTU has earned itself new detractors in the form of a new trade union formed in the main by some of the past leaders of SADTU who were expelled from SADTU for various misdemeanours. In various acts of vengeance, they have made it their core business to denigrate and violate the rights of leaders of SADTU.

The allegations made against the Provincial Secretary arise in this context. More important is the fact that the person who made these allegations is an immediate past Secretary of SADTU and whom the current Provincial Secretary deputized for. It is significant that all FOUR years that they worked together he never once raised any of these issues.

SADTU confirms that Ms Primrose Nomarashiya Caluza indeed has verifiable qualifications. SADTU also takes this opportunity to congratulate her on the completion of her Honours Degree in Education (NWU) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Relations (UKZ) which shall be conferred in April and encourages her and other leaders who are pursuing further studies. Ms Caluza has informed SADTU that she has been admitted and has successfully registered for a Masters Degree in UKZN.

SADTU is not surprised by the attack of our Provincial Secretary by this patriarchal female chauvinists called Mbuyiseni Mathonsi. Mathonsi has always been threatened by the strength and power of women. It is clear that in Mathonsi women do not have the capacity to lead and should not be allowed to lead. We believe he is at pains to see a united SADTU where all members enjoy being associated with SADTU unlike in his era where SADTU had become a slaughter house with members suspended and dismissed left and right as long as they were not in agreement with his views. This is also evident in the manner in which he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife and former girl-friend (Annexure D).

We further remind our members and the workers in the public service that our Provincial Secretary was never suspended from SACE as a councillor but she, for ethical considerations, stepped aside to allow the investigations. Her Union SADTU also supported her leadership to step aside to set a good example for those in authority to respect rules and abide by the rules. She is a leader with character and integrity. She has displayed the highest quality of leadership in pursuing her role to serve the workers. To be a voice of the voiceless despite the persecution by Mr Mathonsi. She raised the professional flag high and demonstrated that no amount of lies will deter her from serving her members and the society as she is also the Chairperson of the University of Zululand Council.

With the allegations found to be baseless and unfounded, the Union is set to enforce the LRA in all institutions of learning in the province and ensure that the department is held accountable to the public. The department of education in Kwazulu Natal has the responsibility of dealing with any criminality that this union does. Just yesterday two teachers who are members of SALIPSWU gate crashed the the interviews at Lamontville Circuit office. SALIPSWU does not qualify to participate in these processes because it has failed since its inception in 2014 to attract the necessary numbers to be admitted in the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC). In their statement in February SALIPSWU claim to have written letters to the employer asking why they are excluded in the normal processes of appointments and promotions which other unions are part of. SADTU wants to remind them that such privileges are accorded to unions that are recognized by the ELRC. As long as they are not part of the ELRC they will remain outside. This is not new, it has always been like that. Mathonsi thought he is the donkey that carried Jesus, which expected people to ululate for it even when Jesus was off. We know that Mathonsi, when he was leading SADTU he became bigger even than SADTU and he thought he is SADTU as such expected members and the general public to accord that power and the respect he was getting forgetting that his is even worse than the donkey situation. Our members were always under fear of suspension, dismissal from both the employment and SADTU. This is the person he is.

To this end, SADTU will lay charges of perjury against Mr Mathonsi. It will proceed with court applications against the SALIPSWU, Ntola and Mathonsi as served to them in the recent past. The Union will approach the registrar on allegations of non-compliance issues including the acquiring of organizational rights under dubious circumstances by this SALIPSWU. SADTU hold meetings with all principals of schools to train them organizational rights so that the intimidation they are subjected to is once and for all dealt with because it is the duty of the provincial education department to grant organizational rights such as access to the workplace and not the principals. Principals that are intimidated to allow Section 12 of the Labour Relations Act to be exercised are called upon to report such to police and the Department of education.

Issued by the Secretariat

Nomarashiya Caluza
Provincial Secretary
082 611 7027

Bheki Shandu
Deputy Provincial Secretary
082 611 7028