The union has learnt with dismay and outrage the locking of gates and burning of two classrooms and two  offices at Phafogang Secondary school in Soweto.  It has been brought to our attention that some teachers who are allegedly SADTU members refuse to accept the appointment of a new principal on the basis that they demand the appointment of their own preferred candidate.

The recruitment process of school based educators is conducted in terms of relevant Legislation and policies which provides for grievance procedures.

The burning of a school deprives children of the poor and the working class a golden and much needed opportunity to participate in the Quality Learning and Teaching campaign as adopted by the organisation.

This institution is one of those adopted by the union and we have made significant strides towards improving the quality of learning and teaching.

We distance ourselves from this barbaric, backward and criminal act.

We call on the Gauteng Department of Education and all structures and stakeholders in the school as well as union structures and members to work together and restore order in the school in the interest of our children.

We also call upon the law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter and expose those involved to the might of the law.

Further, we also call upon the department to take harsh measures against employees who would be found to have committed this gross act of misconduct.
The union shall take disciplinary measures against her members who would be found to have participated in this act which is in breach of our Code of conduct.

Compiled by Secretariat