The South African Democratic Teachers Union in Free State notes the released statement by the Free State Department of Education wherein the Department is calling on parents to support the writing of Annual National Assessment (ANA).

We welcome the departmental gesture in mobilising parents to play an active role in supporting their children through various methods. This confirms education to be a societal matter.

The Department further goes on to outline the purpose of ANA as to verify the development of every learner in every school in the subjects, Languages and Mathematics skills appropriate for the grades and to intervene where necessary and not for learner progression or promotion.

As SADTU we take a different posture on the allocation of basic resources such as the school hall as a reward to every school that obtain 100%. We strongly believe that all schools are entitled to resources such as Halls, Libraries and Laboratories without any conditions attached in order for them to perform at expected standards. This posture by the Department will lead to situation where Quality Education will be compromised in favour of competing for resources.

What is also critical and key is the subsequent interventions beyond the assessment results so as to address the deficiencies in the system that would have been identified by ANA. Such interventions would in some way ascertain the attainment of the expected levels of competency in literacy and numeracy as set by the Department of Basic Education for 2014 (60%) and 2024 (90%).

As SADTU we are fully committed to the writing of the Annual National Assessment and Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign and we anticipate a smooth running of this Assessment. 

Issued by:

Provincial Secretariat