The South African Democratic Teachers Union in Free State representing over 14 000 members is disturbed by the new tendencies developing in the Province which seek to undermine the Constitution of the Union.

As SADTU in the Province we distance ourselves from the un-mandated media utterances broadcasted by eNCA of Friday, the 14th March 2014 made by some leaders who claim to represent Central Region and went further to say the three regions in the Province have decided to disengage from SADTU’s Provincial Office and withdraw subscriptions to the National body in support of the suspended President of SADTU and the General Secretary of COSATU. These leaders are but disgruntled members who are being used to advance the agenda of these two leaders (comrades Ntola and Vavi) for their narrow selfish interests. They will do anything to please their masters at the expense of members.

We have further noted the statement made in Sowetan of the 17th March 2014, page 4 here it is said “Free State SADTU leaders have threatened to embark on a strike should their National leaders not reinstate suspended Union President Thobile Ntola”. We need to correct that statement as it does not reflect the views of SADTU in the Free State but those of certain individuals who have defined themselves outside the Union protocol. We now know the kind of leaders they are who can sacrifice the education of our learners for the sake of individuals who have defined themselves out of organisational principles.  

To the two suspended leaders (comrades Ntola and Vavi) our message is that they should concentrate on their disciplinary hearings and stop mobilising and confusing workers as a way of evading these hearings. As leaders they should have demonstrated maturity which is lacking on their part by subjecting themselves to the processes and present themselves before the disciplinary committees and clear their names without destabilising the province through secret meetings galvanising for support.

To these members who have now all of a sudden become media stars our message is that if they have found a new home in NUMSA in whose office they released a press  statement, they should do so peacefully and stop misleading members of SADTU to believe they can join Numsa.

As SADTU in the Province we will not sit back and watch the anarchists destroy the Union because some leaders have been promised heaven and earth to kill this Union for the sake of preventing constitution from reigning supreme irrespective of how powerful the position a leader holds. To that effect the constitution shall be enforced to decisively deal with any tendency of certain individuals defining themselves outside the constitution. 

We call on all SADTU members in the Province not to participate in any strike organised to pursue interests of some individuals and to remain vigilant because the enemy is hidden within us. We should distinguish friend from foe even if the latter is concealed under the same colour, language, family ties or tribal markings as their own, even if he raises his flag with us.

SADTU Free State remains committed to the NGC Resolution of 2013 that internal processes within both SADTU and COSATU to deal with issue of discipline should be given space until the conclusion of the matter.