It is with great sorrow to be informed that one learner (Kutama Andani) from Benny’s Care in Vhembe District passed away after collapsing during boys under sixteen football matches in Bloemfontein in the Metropolitan SASFA games. The Union would like to pass the message of condolences to the family; Benny’Care; SASFA; and the entire Vhembe district as well as people of Limpopo. May his soul rest in peace.

SADTU further notes the cancellation of school league games due to poor logistical arrangements. The Union finds it unthinkable that the Organising Committee can drastically fail to arrange basic logistics such as transport and catering to an extent that the games are cancelled. We appreciate the decision by the team managers to propose cancellation of the games to save the lives of our children and further embarrassment by people who are not patriotic to their work.

These officials only find it easy to be housed in comfortable offices; boost managerial titles; access government allowance and resources; but only to embarrass and fail the future of our children. The Department of Education and Sports Arts and Culture must rise to the occasion and affected official be dealt with like they will do with ordinary lower rank employees.

The new tendency of being contented with failure and mediocrity whilst officials are highly resourced must come to an end. People of Limpopo especially our children who are the future of the Province and the country cannot be failed by “fat cat” officials who are not committed to their work. This province is developing a new tradition of complacency and failure (e.g failure to deliver textbooks; study guides, failure to compete in SASCE National Competitions, etc) and it must be condemned and be nipped in the bud.

The Union calls upon the departments of Education and Sports, Arts and Culture to urgently rise above these challenges and ensure that there is smooth communication between the two departments. Those officials who feel tired to serve our people should be removed urgently from the departments.

Released by SADTU Limpopo Sectetariat

Matome Raphasha (Provincial Secretary)                           082 804 0800
Tjebane Sowell       (Provincial Deputy Secretary)              082 808 3161