As South Africa commemorates the 37th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto uprisings, SADTU would like to pay tribute to the youth of that era and urge today’s youth to fashion themselves around the 76 youth.

The youth of 76, did not run away from the challenges facing them but united, indentified and faced the enemy.
Today’s  youth is equally  facing a barrage of challenges – high unemployment, inequality, high levels of violence – physical and sexual - in the school and at home.

This year’s Youth Day theme; “Working together for youth development and a drug free South Africa” could not have been more appropriate.

We need all spheres of society and government to meet the youth and work out how they can provide support to the “future” of our country. We urge the youth to come and search a new agenda for development for themselves like the youth of Soweto did in 76. Education guarantees development and sustainable livelihood.

Education remains the only tool to confront and defeat drug and alcohol abuse. It is education that can bring an end to violence at schools and in our communities.

We welcome the efforts by government to fight drugs in places like Eldorado Park and we hope this will  be escalated into to a national action.

May all our youth find courage in June Youth Day!

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat