SADTU Eastern Cape statement on assault of teachers in schools

6 September, 2018

The Eastern Cape Province has been rocked by an apparent increase in the numbers of our members attacked by learners at schools. The latest victim is the Principal of Osborn Senior Secondary School in Mt Frere who was attacked last Friday and suffered a big gash on the forehead on top of his left eye.

As SADTU Eastern Cape, we say our teachers should not be charged so long there is no discipline and no disciplinary actions taken against learners who continue to assault and violate the rights of teachers in schools.

We view this in an extremely serious light especially at this time of the year when the same learners are preparing for their final examinations. We cannot afford to experience such challenges considering all our efforts to improve our Grade 12 results. Such low levels of discipline portrayed by these learners, to the point of injuring our member, cannot be tolerated.

We call upon the Employer to exercise enough vigilance in dealing with this matter so as to ensure that the situation at the school is monitored in pursuit of quality public education.

Our member had continued to display commitment by remaining at the school despite this vicious attack by his learners as he insisted that they continue with their studies on that fateful Friday night last week.

All hands on deck and parents of the learners who are refusing to cooperate with the teachers at the school must assist the situation for we believe all such interventions would be very essential.

One attack on any one teacher is one too many and no society must even attempt to understand such a threat to the lives of their educators.

We call on all powers that be in the Province to intervene as a matter of extreme urgency. Any assault on any teacher would be regarded as declaration of war on SADTU. We shall be very intolerant of occurrences of this nature.

Issued by the Secretariat:

Khayalethu Chris Mdingi
Provincial Secretary
060 583 4462

Nolitha Mboniswa
Deputy Provincial Secretary
060 520 1447