SADTU Eastern Cape media statement on the launch of a Public Sector Union in the province

11 November 2015

SADTU in the Eastern Cape has learnt with disbelief, the news of the launch of a public sector union - The South African Public Service Union in the province. What is shocking is the fact that this Union is led by expelled SADTU President Thobile Ntola who has absconded from his duties as a School Principal claiming to be sick but is fit to campaign for his Union.

His unprofessional conduct serves to promote lawlessness in the education sector, undermine teachers in the province and shows complete disregard for the children of the working class.

Why is the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape so quiet about Ntola`s truant behavior? We call upon the Departmental officials to force him back to his school to execute his duties. Our ideologies do not gravitate where the wind blows and we are not afraid of the challenge of the new union led by counterfeit revolutionaries.

We are calling upon SADTU members to be careful of Ntola and his clique as they will stop at nothing to have them under their pseudo Union which is formed out of anger. These renegades were exposed as liars by the organization. Our members should not forget that Ntola was expelled from SADTU after he was found guilty of corruption charges.

ISSUED BY: Eastern Cape Provincial Task Team

Sindisile Zamisa: 060 587 5786
Chris Mdingi: 060 520 1921