SADTU Eastern Cape denounces the deaths of boys in initiation schools

19 July 2018

SADTU mourns with all families whose sons died or lost their manhood and limbs in initiation schools. The callous deaths of these young men causes untold pain, devastation and heartbreak to the families, society and the Union. Close to 20 initiates have died in the Eastern Cape this year.

As a caring organisation SADTU in the Eastern Cape can no longer sit back, keep quiet and do nothing about this man-made monster. To us, one death of a young man is one too many. We are therefore calling on traditional leaders, Schools, Churches, Political Organisations, ECDoE, Department of Health, SANCO and the society at large to join hands to prevent any further loss of lives or limbs of young men in this Province.

We are calling upon all Law Enforcement Agencies to double their efforts and strive to ensure that all illegal initiation schools are exposed and perpetrators are brought to book once and for all.

Whilst we share the grief with the families, we urge the citizens to report illegal initiations schools in their areas and those responsible for the deaths, the law enforcement agencies should deal with them.

We can't allow this sacred ritual to be exploited, it is our duty as society to make sure that we safeguard it from opportunistic criminals who don't value life.

We hope God will give the families of the deceased strength in these trying times. May the souls of these young men rest in peace.


Provincial Secretary: C. K. Mdingi 0605834462
Deputy Provincial Secretary: N. Mboniswa 0605201447