SADTU Eastern Cape Congratulates Matric Class of 2017

8 January 2018

The South African Democratic Teachers Union in Eastern Cape congratulates the matric class of 2017 for the improved performance in the 2017 NSC examination. As the organisation we welcome the results with a strong belief that the Province has a potential to do better.

We also wish to congratulate all learners who have been successful in the 2017 exam. In the same tone and breath we sympathise with the unsuccessful ones. We are saying to them this is not the end of the road or the world. They should keep in mind that quitters are never winners and they must keep on going on, for there is always the next time.

We further wish to acknowledge and appreciate the following categories of people who have contributed to the province's success:

  • Office of the SG for all attempts and efforts made to enable learners to perform in the manner in which they have performed ( LAIS, GENN & Last Push). This determination has assisted a great deal.
  • The teachers, more especially our members(SADTU) who constitute a majority of teachers in the province. We acknowledge and admire their total commitment to this noble cause of educating a child. This we believe has put the Province where it is today. It is imperative to state that their efforts and preparedness to go an extra mile to benefit the society is indeed highly appreciated. These teachers sacrificed their quality time with their families. This we view as true patriotism and is underpinned by the understanding of their revolutionary task which has its place in the classroom, despite the persistent dehumanising conditions.
  • The Principals of schools who throughout the year (2017) had to endure all sorts of pressures from all fronts. They have soldiered despite the daily frustrations like the shortage of teachers for certain learning areas/subjects, wherein school needs could not be addressed adequately.
  •  We also wish to applaud NASGB for their ever present support to schools and teachers in general.
  • We wish to make a deliberate effort to humble ourselves and appreciate the work well done by the Union leaders in the year 2017. A lot can be counted but we shall limit ourselves only to the following: carrying their mandate to the fullest in line with the Union's objectives as enshrined in the Constitution of the organisation. These leaders have strived for the realisation of stability in the Province even during times where it seemed inevitable to cause instability. This has indeed been in the interest of the leaders in the making and have successfully protected the teaching time to the dismay of many of our adversaries. We strongly believe that most of the battles we fight are not ours but are of society where schools belong. However, as a caring organisation we take them up as our own. Our focus is not limited on Grade 12 but starts from Grade R.
  • It is notable that there are persistent challenges that require more attention from the Department for better, sustainable and everlasting change in the Province. We therefore call upon all stakeholders to take their rightful position in the affairs of the DoE in the Eastern Cape Province.

In conclusion, we purport that a lot still has to be done in 2018 to see us going beyond 70%. All possible means be made early enough and not wait till it is towards exams because last minute strategies do not work when it comes to examinations. We call for modularisation to be advocated properly to schools and avoid having NATED 550 casualties in a modified way through the learner progression policy.

As SADTU in Eastern Cape we wish all our members a successful 2018. We remain committed to Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign.

Issued by:

Chris Mdingi:Provincial Secretary : 0605834462
Nolitha Mboniswa:    Deputy Secretary : 0605201447