With only a month to go before the 2013 school year begin; SADTU in the Eastern Cape has taken to court the Provincial Department of Education in an attempt to stop the department from reducing the number of teachers in the province.

This follows the MEC’s unilateral declaration of teaching post for 2013 posts that are about 4000 posts less than in 2012.

Only 60 850 posts have been declared for 2013 – a significant cut from 2012’s 64 752 and a further decline from 2010’s post declaration of 69 390.

As SADTU, we see these posts declarations as nothing but ‘camouflaged’ retrenchments as, if they are implemented, would  lead to thousands of teachers ending up in the streets in the Eastern Cape without work.

We are concerned by what this will do to the delivery of quality education in the province as we are going to be confronted by teacher shortages and and a further setback in our attempt to respond to challenges confronting education in the province as highlighted in the recently announced ANA results. The Eastern Cape is leading in child-headed families and has the highest illiteracy rate in the whole country.

In court papers presented at the Bisho Court today, SADTU - in a joint application with other teacher unions and the federation for school governing bodies (Fedsas), argued that the MEC’s unilateral declaration was without meaningful consultation and based on misleading information; the MEC has not provided a proper management plan on what will happen to the teachers, learners and communities and no due processes were followed by the MEC when he determined the timeframe for implementation.

Judge John Smith reserved his judgment.


ISSUED BY:  SADTU Eastern Cape
Contact:  Provincial Secretary, Mncekeleli Ndongeni, 082 809 7296