SADTU Eastern Cape celebrates victory over Grade R matters

15 November 2018

SADTU Eastern Cape, as a caring organization, has scored a victory for the Grade R teachers, judging by the outcome of the meeting with Eastern Cape Department of Education yesterday.

These are gains scored by SADTU on behalf of her members and Grade R Teachers in general in the Province:

  • Stipend increment: The Employer (ECDOE) agreed to increase the stipend with immediate effect as of 01 December 2018. Effectively, SADTU and SADTU alone has managed to have the stipend increased three times in one calendar year.
  • The Employer agreed to have those in the system to be considered for payment at Relative Education Qualification Value (REQV) 10 salary level. The Union will further, engage the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) and Department of Basic Education (DBE) on the matter.
  • We agreed with ECDOE that a mechanism that seeks to make these teachers permanent - especially those who qualify - be developed and speedily implemented. The principle that guides the employment of Fundza Lushaka teachers be applied even to Grade R teachers.
  • The under-qualified Grade R teachers be assisted through a fund to enable them to be qualified teachers. This will be part of enabling them to benefit from the Continuous Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) Program.
  • We agreed that a concept document be formulated before the end of November 2018 that seeks to address the issue of UIF for the Grade R Teachers, so that when they exit the system they have something in hand. The agreement should be implemented in December 2018 and there should be no deviations on the matter.
  • The extension of the Bulletin that was initially closing on Friday (16/11/2018) has been extended to 30 November 2018. All schools with Post Provisioning Norms (PPN) 2019 queries will be responded to by the ECDOE. Also, the extension the on retention of HODs and Deputy Principals has been granted till 23/11/2018 as this has caused a lot of confusion in our Schools.

SADTU Eastern Cape is in a jubilant mood about this victory for workers in the vulnerable sector, in spite of all negative things said about her role as a revolutionary trade union in the sector.

We wish to further state that SADTU will always fight tirelessly for her members and non-members as long as they are in the employ of the Department of Education in the Province. We also call upon Grade R teacher not allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for selfish political aspirations of those who pretend to be caring or ready to solve their problems other than SADTU.


Issued By:

CHRIS Mdingi: Provincial Secretary Eastern Cape
Cell Number. : 06050834462

Nolitha Mboniswa: Deputy Provincial Secretary
Cell Number : 0605201447