SADTU assures members their pensions are safe with GEPF

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union is calling on public servants and teachers not to resign following an un-founded rumour that is urging members to resign as the Government Employee Pension Fund was on a move to unilaterally change the benefits of members to such an extent that members may lose some benefits and money.

According to SADTU Secretariat, they approached GEPF on the rumour and this was their response. "There is a pension reform in the pipeline that will limit the amount members of private sector provident funds may withdraw from a fund on exit. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE GEPF, AS THE GEPF LAW WILL NOT CHANGE AT THIS STAGE. The change will affect all funds administered in terms of the Pension Funds Act."

The above clarification should serve to comfort all public servants and teachers in particular as it dispels the rumour being spread. SADTU therefore would like to discourage any public servant and teachers in particular from resigning as your benefits are guaranteed. Resigning will in fact lead to one losing out on some benefits.

The secretariat was further assured that no change to the rules of the fund will be effected without consulting members to the fund.

With the current economic crises and scarcity of jobs, the Secretariat is calling on public servants and teachers in particular to apply their minds and avoid joining the pool of the unemployed through resignations.

SADTU has called on the GEPF and employer (DPSA and DBE) to engage on a vigorous information sharing campaign to correct this rumour as it has the risk of bleeding the state dry of key skills needed in our developmental trajectory.

This is a national crises that all of us need to attend to as a matter of urgency.

Issued by: SADTU Secretariat