The South African Students Congress (SASCO) fully supports the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) in its justifiable struggle against the unilateral withdrawal of collective bargaining agreements by the Department of Basic Education. This unilateral withdrawal is not only mischievous but a direct undermine of our teachers and the working class in general. We call upon government to restore all collective bargaining agreements.  We will participate in the SADTU mass action scheduled for tomorrow, 24 April, in Pretoria and Cape Town. SASCO will always stand by the working class in their struggles against exploitation and the dictatorship of the employer.

We are concerned that the unwillingness and inability by the Department of Basic Education to restore the collective bargaining agreements is already taking a toll on our public education system. We are concerned that SADTU’s Work-to-Rule campaign has crippled the right to education for the working class child, particularly in townships and rural areas.  The continuation of this campaign will have an adverse impact on our students in primary and secondary schools. Government has a responsibility to act soon by reinstating and implementing all collective bargaining agreements. We will not keep mum when our workers’ hard won-right to collective bargaining is being trampled upon by employers.