Report of the Special ELRC Bargaining meeting

30 September 2009


  • The meeting was convened as a sequel to the request of SADTU to have the bargaining meeting to receive the report from the Employer on the work of the Task Team as established in terms of the addendum to Collective Agreement 4 of 2009 of the ELRC. This would also allow the Employer to disclose the amount available for the implementation and finalization of the said collective agreement.
  • The meeting was also to receive the report on the implementation of the PSCBC Resolution 5 of 2009 of the General Salary adjustment.


The Employer tabled a report on the funding process of Collective Agreement 4 of 2009 of the ELRC detailing the following:

  • That the available funds sourced was R2.3b which was available immediately.
  • That the implementation would be done in a two phased approach, with the first phase accommodating paragraph 4.2 (Recognition of Experience) and 4.5 (Senior and Master Teachers).
  • That paragraphs 4.3 (Pay progression and Accelerated pay progression) and 4.4 (Improvement of conditions of service for Educators on REQV 10 – 12) will be implemented in the new financial year commencing 01 April 2010.
  • The Employer further requested to be granted additional 7 working days to engage their Principals on the implementation, and the special council be convened thereafter to report fully on the processes.


Labour’s view on the Employer’s report was that:

  • It did not outline the breakdown of costing per item of the Collective Agreement as requested;
  • It did not respond to the provisions of the addendum to the Collective Agreement on the implementation process;
  • It is prescriptive on the implementation process, rather than allowing the Council to deliberate on the matter;
  • It seemed the employer’s position was an un-mandated position as the Employer was still requesting for additional 7 working days to further engage their Principals on the implementation.


Labour rejected the report and further requested the Employer to provide a mandated and detailed report outlining the full costing of each item of the Collective Agreement.

A special bargaining meeting would be convened on Monday, 05 October 2009 to receive and interact with a report.